About Sajószentpéter

The Past

Our city can be found in the center part of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County, between the Mountain Bükk and the River Sajo. The county seat town is Miskolc, which is 13 km from our city. Sajoszentpeter is located along the main road No. 26.

According to the official data, the number of people living here were 11679 in year 2015.

Sajoszentpeter is famous about the local industry past of the mining and glass production.

The present

The local town goverment’s objectives are to develop the conditions of people living in the city, the level of comfort, municipal, institutional and other infrastructure, aesthetic quality, and the urbanization process significantly and to improve it permanently.

The local goverment handles many projects, financed by the EU funds, you can read more about: www.sajoszentpeter.hu/_new/hu/eupalyazatok1.php

Official name: Sajoszentpeter Város Önkormányzat (Sajoszentpeter Town Government)

Address: Hungary-3770 Sajószentpéter 4. Square Kálvin
Mayor of the Town: Peter Farago Dr.

Twin towns:

Šternberk – Czech Republic

Kobiór – Poland

Dobsina – Slovakia



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Közérdekű telefonszámok

  • Központi Segélyhívó: 112
  • Rendőrség: 107
    Sajószentpéteri járőr 20/ 215-4081
  • Mentők: 104
  • Tűzoltók: 105
  • Orvosi Ügyelet: (48) 345-108, 20/250-4937
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